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A Possible Sneak Peak Of New Fall Fair Item?

I was checking out lilmaney’s blog and he spotted something i thought was pretty cool. It looks like it might be a sneak peak at one the items in the new fall fair catalog that is coming out. This is a picture of the new fall fair wallpaper.
New Fall Fair Hat
If you look at the pink penguin he’s wearing a black and blue joker style top hat. It reminds me of the kind of hats you can get at actual fairs and amusement parks, so it would make sense that it’s a new fall fair item from the new club penguin catalog.

Anyways i thought it was pretty interesting and wanted to let you all know about it if you hadn’t seen lilmaney’s post yet.

Have you found any other little sneak peaks or secrets hidden in club penguin lately. Let me know if you have by leaving a comment. If it’s cool i’ll make a post about it so everyone else can see it too!!

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  1. Thank You So Much For Giving Credit To Me Paintboy =] Your A Great Friend.

  2. Awesome!

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  10. Hey I kinda miss CP… but now Im a member of this other game called Adventure Quest Worlds its actually pretty fun…

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  12. can you please tell me where to find the cool hat because it looks like it is probably on cp

  13. i miss CP i do a website called dizzyword

  14. i laf cp in 2007

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