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Do You Want A Free Membership And Your CP Video On This Website?!?!

club penguin video contest

Since the summer is coming to an end we thought it would be a good time to put on a new contest.  So we decided our new contest would be a club penguin video contest!!  All you have to do is make a club penguin video, it doesn’t matter if it’s a music video, a cheat video, a funny video, or anything else club penguin.  Basically it’s what ever you want it to be.

Here’s the best part, we’ll put EVERY video we get on our official youtube page so your guaranteed to get a ton of views. Most of our videos get over a thousand views in there first day!!!

So all you have to do is make a video and then send in an email to paintboy100@newclubpenguincheats.com .  When we get the video we’ll upload it to our official youtube channel ( you can give a description in the email too if you want a specific description on the video )

We think this is a pretty cool way to help our users penguins become more famous on club penguin. Oh yeah and the top 5 most viewed videos will be featured on THIS WEBSITE AND NEWCLUBPENGUINCHEATS.COM!!!!


Then everyone will have a chance to vote on the videos and the creator of the video with the most votes will win a FREE CLUB PENGUIN MEMBERSHIP CARD!!!!

So good luck to everyone!!!

31 Responses

  1. The new club penguin cheats rool!!!!!!! anyway thanks

  2. hi i will ask my freind if the vid we made can be sent to you and if it is ok i will do it

  3. this is cool

  4. Cool!

    I will try it!

    (I want to be famous! 😆 )

  5. My buddy on Club Penguin, Cheychey726, is having a party on Club Penguin soon to celebrate her Youtube channel (her username is Theofficialpenguin96) getting 50 subscribers! Here are the party details:
    When: September 6th
    Time: 8 – 8:30pm EST
    Server: Freezer
    Place: Forest
    Everyone is invited! And Cheychey726 will be recording the party!
    See you there!

  6. awsome site plz visit mine

  7. hi! the new major (hopefully) contest has arrived on my site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Check it out and tell everyone you know about it!!!!!! You probably already know it, but here is the link:


  8. i want to be a free member

  9. i want a free membership.

  10. lois2 was here see u on cp

  11. hi everyone i love cp it rocks lois2 was here

  12. Paintboy, that was not fair of you to have your website down for more than a month — i know your website got hacked but, you could have figured out another way to tell us and get your password to the site back. Just a tip….. make your password un obvious so we won’t suffer! After researching, I did find another website that I am not going to mention (so you won’t loose viewers) but please, I was really depressed that you were not blogging. But, I did find an intresting program that you might wanna consider telling your readers about. a program which your penguin can become x-small, x-large, Sensei, Rockhopper, Cadence,Gary, The PB, and Aunt Artic. It also allows you to earn 4,000 coins by pressing a button! One more thing, you can get Sensei, Rockhopper, The PB, Gary, and Aunt Artic’s backround by entering their codes! You will love it. Just type in and download it only on a PC. It works. If it doesn’t contact the person who gave you the download! Thanks for Viewing!

  13. ps, i want a freee member ship! u r da best!

  14. Hey! Nice post! can you help me get started with my blog? all I need is views to get me going. I have a great blog going, but no one is looking at it. anyone who wants to can help. Thanks!

  15. i want to become a membershipe

  16. that is deadly im going to try make one quick

  17. Hey paintboy! Want to have your contest/s Advertised for everyone to see? Well i will post it on Contestpenguins.wordpress.com for everyone to see and enter! Please visit to see it!

  18. i love them !


  19. hey my site got deleted and im sad cause it was hacked so be careful my pass was really hard and i still got hacked i had no other admins too. i will try to do the contest but i cant login to my youtube acc :/ it aalways says sorry your login was incorect

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  22. For Club Penguin Cheats,Hints,Pins,Tricks and more please visit

  23. ey won have a member ship

  24. ey won becomce a member ship

  25. good

  26. i like membership

  27. Cool, but when does it end?

  28. i made one and the people started saying i was a hacker

  29. Corwo has membership

    an he is my friend

    Try this website

  30. Im gonna enjoy this 😀 Ill begin working on it now!

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