Winner Of This Month’s Free CP Membership


Since our website got hacked we weren’t able to declare the winner of the newest free club penguin membership. Now that we have the site back we can!!!

This months winner is youtube user – MyClubPenguinCheats!!!!!!

I sent MyClubPenguinCheats a message on youtube and if he doesn’t respond in the next couple days i’ll do the drawing again.

Don’t feel bad though, we’re having another drawing for a free membership next week, so be sure to subscribe to our official youtube and twitter.

Click Here For Our Youtube Channel and Click Here For Our Twitter!


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  1. Hi! I came to see how your hits are doing and they are zooming off the charts! Great work! ALmost at 16,000,000! You have the most hits ever for any CP BLOG! If you get a chance, come visit my blog:

    ~Double Mvp~
    P.S Paintboy and Antras—-> your nominated for best blogger EVER

  2. hey! i am already following you on twitter but…. i was wondering how they get the free membership i mean its not as if you know their password and everything is it? please please please reply.Either on your wordpress your twitter or my twitter (angeldelight446)or my wordpress ( thankz =)

  3. awesome site

  4. yo paintboy, cool site, i see your getting loads of hitsyou can go on mine

  5. okayy

  6. hello?


  8. So I guess Nick The Big hacked the site?

    That’s too bad.

    At least you have it running again!


  9. hello paintboy you might know me from club penguin my name is seeweed12345 on cp. Anyway nice website!

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