Club Penguin Releases Series 3 Mix & Match Toys

Club Penguin just released the new set of cp toys and figurines. Actually they haven’t OFFICIALLY announced it but if you go to you can see all the toys. To save you the trip though we took some pics and here’s the full collection of the club penguin series 3 toys (mix and match). So if you’re reading this now your probably the one of the first people to know about the new club penguin toys!!!
sombrero and fiesta toys

The first set in the cp series 3 toys is the sombrero and fiesta figurines

bard and the 12th fish costume

The second set in the cp series 3 toys is the bard and the 12th fish costume figurines

leperchaun and cowboy toys

The third set in the cp series 3 toys is the leperchaun and cowboy figurines

marching band and cheerleader

The last set in the cp series 3 toys is the marching band and cheerleader figurines

Well hope you guys like them and i bet that club penguin will make the official release of them sometime today or early tommorow!!!


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  6. So The REAL Paintboy100 Is Back To Club Penguin Ehh?

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  9. You are a complete legend! 1. You have at least 10 people looking at your blog at the same time! 2. Somone hacks you site! You got all your archives back and you come back better than ever! You are awsome!

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  11. PAINTBOYS BACK!!!! :0

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