The Site is Back And It’ll Be Better Than Ever

The site is back

Hey everyone if you haven’t noticed we have almost all of our old club penguin cheat pages back on the site!!  We were able to find an back up version of the site and restore almost all the pages over the last few days!!!

So now we’re back in action and we’re going to make this site better than it’s ever been! We’re going to be posting every day again and we have a ton of secret stuff planned thats going to take this club penguin site to a whole new level…

I’m also almost done figuring out what the “back in action” prizes are going to be and i bet you guys will like them a lot 😉 .

prizes you like

I also wanted to say that we have another site called We wanted to make another site that could be expanded on and do more than a blog so i set up that site and we have a lot planned for it. Since were hosting it on our own we can add some cool stuff to it that we never could never do on this site ( it may have something to do with the secret stuff we have planned too 😉 ) So check it out by clicking here

Finally check out our new youtube channel at and be sure to subscribe to it because we’re going to be adding new video’s to it all the time.

subscribe and stay tuned


11 Responses

  1. you are the best paintboy100

  2. i love your site

  3. So Ur Back doing club penguin?

  4. OMG i though the site was gone for good! Im so excied that the sie is back! And i sub u!

  5. you ROCK dude

  6. ill sub and i added you to my blogroll i saw u on cp and can u add me to ur blog roll plz thx rock on paint and welcome back!

  7. I’m glad ur back

  8. Paintboy100 is back

  9. thank goodness! those ppl smelled BADLY!! you’re much better than those wierd ppl

  10. man no one can make cheats only you
    im so excited the site is back

  11. throwing a huge party

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