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Hey guys,
We’re taking requests for any club penguin videos you want. If you want a video on how to do a mission, some kind of glitch, win in card jitsu, or anything you can think of just leave a comment and let us know. We’re planning on making A TON of videos over the next week and we want to make sure we do the ones all of you guys want.


So let us know by either commenting on this post or on our club penguin cheats youtube page at Either place works, we’ll check both for comments and suggestions.


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  1. Maybe a mystery thing

  2. Hey paintboy100! This is wiibob7975 speaking! I saw you in sleet at the iceberg on Saturday and you sent me a postcard! I just wanted to say thanks! You rock!! I have 2 questions for you. How did you find club penguin and can you please please please make a blogroll and put me on it! I will add you to mine litterly RIGHT NOW! Please paintboy! Your like the most awsome person in the world! I had always wanted to meet you! Your like my hero on cp. Bye paintboy!

  3. I know how to defeat the sensei. Be a black belt then chalenge him. Do it in this order: fire ice fire ice fire ice fire water.

  4. i’m a brown belt in card jitsu and soon i’ll be a black belt and challenge sensei, so i would love it if u made a vid of winning card jitsu against sensei 🙂 thx

  5. can you make a video showing all the items you have

    thanks- darthpengo

    o yeah and i play on sleet and frozen

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