Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force

Hey guys, this is a guide of how to play Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force on your computer for free!

Download one of these 2 (Doesnt Matter which)

Sorry guys we had to remove the links because of wordpress TOS

Also, here are the controls of the club penguin elite penguin force!

If you want, use this guide for your site aswell:) Copy and paste it! Just add by at the end of the post!


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  1. hey paintboy100,

    R U sure this does not have any viruses on it?

    Report back to @@

    Thanks! Matthewwhitt

    Im 100% sure its virus free!

  2. Are you going to see this site, a lot of people like you and your website. My opinion is you should rebuild it, but thats just my opinion.


  3. hi their i am an official member of icarlyclub.

    Paintboy by the way you have an awesome site. Keep on working.

    from Admin #1

  4. THX DUDE!

  5. im playing it right now

  6. i already have the game on my ds though.

  7. coooool but the file up there… how do I download it?

  8. Thats SO awesome Paintboy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I downloaded it and it actually WORKED!!! THANKS ALOT!!

    -puffy mimi

  9. thats cool!

  10. paintboy dont sell the site we rely on u

  11. hi paintboy100
    the links you put on to ur website for Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force it wont save on to my computer and can i like get some
    pics of the pins and more for my blog plz paintboy100 you rox the world

  12. u have a lot of views!!

  13. Well, paintboy100, there are no more good sites. Seriously. US CP users NEED some help! we NEED HELP

  14. Thank you Painboy100 you saved my life with this tutorial! If you want check my site and comment there if you like it!

  15. Man im playing right now but im stuck! How can i call the blue puffle do i need a microphone or something?

  16. what happens when you need to use the microphone?

  17. Thx dude! Can’t believe you’re back!

  18. Hey Paintboy100,
    Can We Meet On Cp Today June 1. On The Server Bonza. At My Igloo. It Is On The Map I Will Be Ivanrf. On The MAp It Will Be Ivanrf Too.
    I Have You On My Famous Penguins PAge So Please Go Online And Add Me.

    PLZ help meh get fmous

  20. sweetness! What Screen Recorder Do you use? If its Free I would like to download it 😀

  21. Hey There,

    How do you download Nosgba Emulator?



    It is already into the links that i posted! Each link has the Emulator + Game!

  22. cool your back you shouldnt sell your site i think you should start playing cp again plz go to my site paintboy100 and leave a comment

  23. Ummm… how do you extract it? Or does it not work on Windows Vista? Please reply 🙂

  24. Can you tell me please how to call a puffle to help me? Its says something about “blowing” where to blow?

  25. paintboy100 do you want to be an author on my site an thanks for visiting

    ps you dont have to be an author its up to you

    June 5, 2009 at 5:26 am
    Awesome site!!

    Keep it up, you’ll be famous in no time
    did you do this paintboy!?!
    if so,thxthxthxthxthxthxthxthxthx

  27. Thankz sooooo much!
    Plx help meh get famus(Advertise me in a post or something please)! YU rok

  28. woo hoo! paint boy rox!!!!!!

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