Auction will be delayed for a week!

Sorry guys, but i dont have the time to make the auction now, since i have exams this friday and i have to study hard. The aucion will be made in a week (27/5/2009)
Also send me your offers here , since i still havent decided the starter price for the auction!

Dont forget to write your offer in $ and how you are going to pay and your Club Penguin experiance!

Note! If i like an offer i might not even make the auction!


6 Responses

  1. awwwww ok

  2. im willing to give you guys around $600 for the site

  3. I’ll pay you 605 $ for the site!

  4. i will pay 700!

  5. I ll give u $650

  6. can u not quit cp not sell the site and stay?

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