Paintboy100 Club Penguin Cheats Site Back In Action

Paintboy100’s club penguin cheats website is back in action.

By the way you should check out our new club penguin cheats website at


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  1. noooooooo! how much 4?


    -HANDSOME 08-

  3. dude i was wondering why it was gone but we need to contact because i need to pay you 400 dollars dude we need to contact

    -Lil Maney

    No contract needed. I will just make an auction in, and ebay will make sure that i receive the money and ebay will make sure that i will give u the site!

  4. I might buy this sight even though I have one…

  5. Holy crap 😕 My active site gets only 30,000 more hits a month then you’re inactive site….

  6. i didnt say contract i said CONTACT which means we chat in a way because i need to pay you thorugh i forgot what its called come back to me

    -Lil Maney

    Oups sorry for misreading! Paypal is the safest way to send/receive money, so thats what im going to use. Also i will add the buyer into my msn so we can communicate faster.

  7. i got the 400 with me now

  8. Yo paintboy100,
    wazzup, i wanna buy ur site coz itz way cool. Plz post the address of the ebay place that it is so i can bid! c u later, bye.

    I still havent made the auction! I will post the link when i make it (20/5/2009)

  9. Hey Paintboy, I thought you where gone for good. O_o I would like to buy the site, but my mom would refuse. xD Well, anyways, click my name to join IMAF!

  10. i thought i was gonna buy it… i put that 400 bucks in the bank for nothing

    -Lil Maney 😦

    I never said that you will buy it, I said that i’ll make an auction in ebay, and the highest bid gets it!

  11. hi paintboy, plz reply 2 dis comment and answer this question. What is the starting bid?

    I havent decided yet! But since i already received some emails about how much they are offering, i’ll think about it and the average of that is going to be the starting bid!

  12. Dont stop posting this site rocks

  13. Awww! I started going on Club Penguin in 2006 and this is the first cheat site I went to. I love it! Good luck!

  14. A’ll give you 600.

  15. Dude are u still selling it?

    -Lil Maney

    Yes! In 2 days i’ll the auction will start, and will finish in 10 days (30/5/2009)

  16. ill give you 1,000

  17. How do you get soo many hits sooo quickly?
    I’ve not got anywhere near that amount of hits 😦

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