Hey guys and sorry!

Hey, this is the real paintboy100 (You can see the picture of my penguin just to be sure)

I couldnt see what antras said and antras couldnt see what i said, (filters) so we had to take 2 screens and merge them. The prob is that our monitors have different resolutions, so i seem taller.

This site got hacked by someone, maybe the guy who owns the site which he posted but anyway.
All the posts of this site have been deleted by the hacker, and he posted some posts which i of course deleted. I will contact wordpress support just to investigate the case, ban or delete the site that hacked us and if its possible to retreive all posts.
The hacker hacked one of our authors wordpress acount, so the hacker was able to delete/add posts. Just to be sure though i removed all editos and admins (inc antras).

Also, many people asked.. this is our only blog!!! We dont post on any other sites
Actually, we have other sites, but not Club Penguin related(Examples)
Paintboy100’s tvshows blog (Click on the banner)
watch Free TVShows!!
Antras flickr (All photos taken by Antras) click here
Antras best friend (Lemon) visit his site and store:)

What will happend to this blog? Me and antras will talk about it and we will tell you what we decided later!


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  1. oO. Someone is going to be in trouble… ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  2. That is so wrong dude! You should find out who the heck did that! Hopefully there is a way to bring back your posts! Try checking your Wordress trash can………

  3. I really hope you get this guy’s site gets banned.

  4. I can’t believe that all the posts have gone! Could you do the misson ones again, and perhaps the ‘how to become a tour guide and secret agent ones’?

  5. WOW! its great your back paintboy100! I hope you wont quit quit da blog! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    If u do can i work here as author? I UPDATE EVERY DAY, and i can update all ur clubpenguin cheats very quickly as i normally do! i have experience because i have a site over 200,000 hits! plz can i be an author IF YOU QUIT (Which I hope u wont)

    ur b fan

    paintboy100 rox

    limitedgenius@live.co.uk plz email me if u have any questions ๐Ÿ™‚

    dont quit

  6. oh Btw, nice edit ๐Ÿ™‚ on da picture with u an antras

  7. Mate you and antras are legends, i have recently joined club penguin again and aways used your site back before the fiddy incident.

    Anyway i think you should stay, i know i know its your choice.



    18:07 4th May 2009

    Cowbutler14 reaches 100000 coins

    Getting membership back guys!!

  8. Very nice man !
    Orthodox power !

  9. hey get on tonight ill see u then i hope you get these messages

  10. Hey you guys, maybe I can help you get back your website?
    My site is http://penguincheatgang.wordpress.com
    Go check it out!
    I want to help you guys.

    -Tycoon 13

  11. Hey i think i know who did it before when i went to the sight it said we have stopped bloging were sorry visit this sight for awsomer cheats the sight was kingpin2s i bet its him just trying to help

  12. You should have an author contest! Here is what you could do:
    Get penguins to comment with their name and site, then watch their blog, and if its good… ADD THEM AS AN AUTHOR!
    So the best blog you see can take over and SUCCESSFULLY run the site…

    This is weird, I still remember the day you quit…
    You said that you might sell the blog or hand it over to another person…
    So you gave it to Cyborg, then Cyborg quit and gave it to Daniel, then he quit and Sheevmister took over!
    Then this hack happened and you cam back! (YAY!)

    But I wonder, who hacked my heroes? (Paintboy & Antras) Whoever it was, I wanna pretty much kill them! (lol)

    Anyway, you’ll make the right choice,
    ~Shimbo37 (Biggest Fan)

  13. i know who did it it was iamthewalrus#

  14. uve gotta do the funny pics site again.But i still cant bilieve that hacker got all the blogs off the site

  15. Hi, I realized the hacker also hacked your links to other sites.
    hope you get your posts back!

  16. Hey guys visit my friends site he needs ur views http://www.penguincheatcp.wordpress.com

  17. Srry what happend. Maybe police will come to the hackers house and do something like what happened sanitypenguin did. (HE CREATED CPTRAINER)

  18. wow im so sorry paintboy this is terrible the worst thing iv eva seen and i hope you find whoever did this and fix the site or make a new one becuase i luv it and dont forget to tell us the new site if you do make one so sorry about what happend

    sincerly Aurora4900

  19. Can you make the missions thing again?

  20. hey paintboy100 if you are giving away the site, i think you should give it to me.

    one reason why is because i update superfast and even if something comes out in the morning I ALWAYS know because i wake up 5 am each morning

    another reason why is because i have experience because i had a blog called kingcobra9 but it got hacked and i knew that there was no way of getting my audience back because the hacker also posted a post that said I hate you all.

    the final reason why is because ive been checking this blog since the day it came out for updates on club penguin

    you can email me at kaspergozdecki@gmail.com


  21. Dear Paintboy100 and Antras,

    Hi, my name is blueknight1 and I pretty much know everything about club penguin.

    I think that if your giving your blog away to someone, IT SHOULD BE ME.

    The first reason why is because I always update super fast. I wake up at 5 am each morning.

    The second reason is because I have experience, or at least had because my old blog got hacked and i had 30000 hits.
    The third reason is because I know this blog INSIDE AND OUT. I’ve been checking it since October 2006.

    So please, if you ever give this blog away, I think I’m the one who should get it because I will make it live on forever.


    P.S. My email is kaspergozdecki @ gmail.com

    I think

  22. I hope you get your blog back!

    P.S. Please visit http://harrisraheescp.wordpress.com/

    he has a really cool blog

  23. Please Visit http://harrisraheescp.wordpress.com/

    He has a really cool cheats blog!

  24. I hope you continue your site

  25. Paintboy please viset my site….

  26. Meet me at the Dock on Tuxedo at 8:00 or you will be banned my mom works with club penguin bee there or be banned for ever! Wwe Adam will be there Chewy will be there and Chrisdog will be there or they will be banned or their sites will be deleted!

  27. Hey paintboy,

    nice to have you back posting! I can’t believe someone deleted your content. I have help for you, I went on wordpress and found out how to get your content back. visit the link below:

  28. if you dont want to use your blog for clubpenguin related stuff, you should use it to stuff you want to cuase mine was clubpenguin and i think im gona turn it into runescape/gta sa blog.

  29. i know who hacked it it was a penguin named kingpin2 i looked on a blog he put on this website and it was from him.

    From Paintboy131

  30. No more Funny Pics?

  31. I hope that guyยดs site get banned ๐Ÿ™‚
    I have that hacker guy

  32. I hate hackers. Ruining other peoples fun. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  33. that man is mean u should track him down

  34. hey paintboy, a lot people hope u would stay and posting on the blog. if you quit then a lot people will be very sad. bwt, kool edit.

  35. Sorry for this site problem. I play clubpenguin and wizard101. I love them both. I hope the hacker get his butt kicked out of wordpress, I mean like give him/her the boot. LOL! Sorry again.

  36. Hey im a former Club Penguin Cheat blog owner and im supporting this site alot.Dont worry i shall contact WordPress support and check if the hackers are on other blogs like blogger.Im just hoping you Paintboy100 and Antras dont quit and give up.I know you wont.If you need help just email me and ill see what i can do heres my mail.Dont worry i have worked with Fever before his names Watex now i worked with his site for a short period.So if any help needed email me. bassk60@hotmail.com

  37. Dont be sorry we r with you the hole way through this

  38. Thats awful ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Haven’t you exported the posts and stuff?
    PS. Den 3erw an me thimase, o fotis ime apto clubpenguintoday.com. Ama mporeis vale mas blogroll plz

  39. Heyy Antras and Paintboy ๐Ÿ˜€
    paint, i thought you got banned forever? Please send back cos im confused :S LoL U rock ๐Ÿ˜‰

    We are not banned, we just stopped playing cp.


  41. You should sell it man

  42. id buy it xD for something than cp cuz i quit so i make other stuff some ppl tht dont play cp would buy cuz of the views

  43. I just seen this site its relly good don’t quit

  44. you and antras are legends
    nice edit on da picture with u an antras

  45. anyways welcome back paintboy!!

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