Mistakes, Removes, And ??’s!

Hey! I have been modding comments. Yes, I know I made so many mistakes in the Winter Fiesta Post. Also, since I am hosting my 1000 day year old party I did remove 40 buddies from the party and my list. I though of deleting EVERYONE on my list! Now, if you like Watex and want to spam my site please redirect to watex’s suspended site or whatever his sites name is now! Also, Jc4×4 did hack and got suspended because of all of us. Hope this post helped you understand. If I get a comment more about..ANY of that, your IP which comes in the comment will be suspended of commenting and will never be removed. Thank You. Now to the ??’s part I will not respond to all my messages. To my aim account if you were lucky enough to get it please do not share it or talk to me. I have now turned personal on that aim and I am truly sorry if I am rude to you. -Scareynewt42

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