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Random Party Sucess View!

Hey! My Random Party was a huge thumbs up! Anyways here is the 4 featured penguins of the party!!


He was there the WHOLE party and he wasn’t my friend but then I removed a person who never went on and added him!


Gaararug was also there the whole party! I met him today and he’s a really great friend! You should say “Hi” to him on CP if you ever see him!


Goober came before the party started and was a great guy! He helped a lot in keeping the party big and I hope you all meet him!


Chole she is truly really kind, nice, and cool. She was by my side the whole time and told people when I was full!

Here are some party pictures!


Find Four with Marine A23


At The Beacon! (All These People Came :) !)


All of us trying to fall into the water by tipping the walkway (LOL!!)


The beggining minutes of the party!


Us making those fart noises (LOL)


Smile For The Camera!


Tip the Iceburg (Beggining Of Party)

Those are all the pictures! I added almost everyone! I added OVER 60 buddies! I removed before the party people who I don’t talk to, know, or never come on! I had 39 buddies before the party! I hope you guys liked this party! Because I can not wait till my 1000 days old party! That’s all! -Scareynewt42

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