Mission 10 Spoiler & Penguin Style Catalog Sneak Peek & Plush Toys!

Hey! Sorry this is late! Anyway’s Club Penguin released a Mission 10 Spoiler! It is pretty neat. The Mission will come out in about to 3-4 weeks! So here it is!


Also, they released and Penguin Style Catalog Sneak Peek recently! It’s all about Christmas I’m sure!


Well, that’s that! Did I tell you the New Treasure Book Items are out? If I didn’t here they are:

1. Santa Hat
2. Red Hoodie
3. Santa Beard
4. Santa Boots
5. Reindeer Antlers
6. Elf Costume
7. Elf Shoes

Now, they also released 2 LIMITED EDITON penguins! They are available at Toys R Us. I am not planning on buying one but who knows! So, here’s a picture of them two! (It’s A Penguin Santa and Reindeer.)


That’s all! Thanks For Reading! -Scareynewt42

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