How Black Friday Went & New Snow & Sports Catalog Cheats!

Hey! Today is Black Friday! Sales were crazy! My family got (for all of us) A Labtop (Toshiba), 2 Black Ipod Nano’s, A HP Color Printer, A Brand New Kodak Camera, A Sony DVD Player, and A Video Camera (To Record). It cost us 2,300$! That’s a LOT! Anyway’s did I ever tell you guys I won a Viking Penguin? Well I did! Hah. It’s really cool. So how was everyone’s Thanksgiving? I sure had a good one! So back to topic. Here’s the cover:


There are new items for the members so be sure to check em’ out! The Silver Surfboard cheat is still the same! There’s 1 new cheat! It’s for the Furniture Part of the Catalog.

Pummel Horse : 220 Coins


You have to click the “N” in Furniture. Well, that’s really it! Here’s a picture of my Viking Penguin right infront of this post lol.


Well, thats all! -Scareynewt42

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