Halloween Party Cheats 08!

Hey! Here’s the cheats for Halloween this year! First off the Party is really amazing! The music is really cool! Now, there’s 2 free items! The Halloween Trick O’ Treating basket which is located at the Snow Forts!

The music and effects this year own! Best Halloween Party yet :D ! Anyway’s now there’s the Scavenger Hunt! You have to find 8 candys! I will show you a guidelines of pictures and text in how to get it!

The First Candy Is Located At the Snow Forts! You must click the Blue Flag to get it!

The Second Candy is located at the Dance Lounge! It is a candy corn. Click The Lamp for it!

The 3rd Candy is a Lollipop! It is located at the Lodge Attic. Click The Blue Box To Get It!

The 4th candy is located at the Plaza! If you click to stew pot you will find it!

The 5th candy is located at the warning sign of the Cove! Click on the sign to get it!

The 6th candy is located at the Iceburg! You must click the Sky in able to get it. It will connect the dots!

The 7th candy is located at the Beacon! Wait for 3 flashes and you will get it!

Now our last 8th candy is located at the Book Room! It is on the book!

Now it will show you you have collected all candy! Click Claim Prize and you will get a Giant Pumpkin Backround! Also if you click the Candle below the Candy and your a member (must have Mad Science Test Suit) go in and get a FREE lantern! For members only though!

The room is ALL in Black & White! -Scareynewt42

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