Club Penguin 3rd Anniversary Cheats!

Hey! Club Penguin is having there 3rd anniversary party now! Sorry if I’m late on the post it’s just that I am grounded :( . Anyway’s this is one of Club Penguin’s best decortated Anniversarys yet! The new party hat is pretty darn cool! The town is amazing! So is the cake :D ! This year’s party hat is tricky!

1. You must click on the Fan right by the cake

2. It will turn out like this and just walk over to get the 3rd Year Party Hat!

Also, there’s an Ice Cream Apron too! It’s located near the Coffee Shop maker!

That is ALL located in the Coffee Shop! Now if you go upstairs check out the Yearbook! It is pretty neat! Amazing with all different kinds of facts! Now, there are features here they are!

Town: Click to Bomb Launcher

Coffee Shop: Turn on fan click magic hat or balls press Coffee sign and click the Puffle Tounge!

Also stay tuned for the Halloween Party! -Scareynewt42\


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