Halloween Catalog Secrets 2008!

Hey! The new Catalog is out! So is a lot of rare items!

There are a few secrets! Here are the Items hidden!

Jade Necklace
Black Sucba Mask
Mixed Braclets

Gold Viking Helmet
Black Mask

Now lets find those!

The black mask is located on the page with the Torch. You must click to Torch to get the Item.

The Gold viking helmet is pretty hard to get. Now, click the Pumpkins for the Viking helmet. Click it and exit it 4 times to get the Blue Viking helmet. When your on the Blue Viking helmet click the Yellow Puffle and there!

For the mixed bracelets, click the pink flipper.

Click the lighthouse where the you can buy the blue coat for the black scuba mask.

You can get the jade necklace, by clicking the wrist band on the rocking penguin.

Also, there are 2 new backrounds check them out! -Scareynewt42

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