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New Newspaper Secret!

The Newspaper’s out but read it it’s cool, though I won’t be posting about it. I will be posting about the New Mission coming out! There’s a cheat to read a secret in the Newspaper! (Credits To Watex)

  1. Open the newspaper in Club Penguin.
  2. Click on the paper on Page D1.
  3. Click the paper with a message. It’ll transport you to Page C2.
  4. Click the Red Book held by the Lime Green penguin. Then click the paper.
  5. Click on the Cookie held by the Pink Penguin on Page C5. Then click the paper.
  6. Click on the TV on Page A5. Click the paper.
  7. Click on the Tea Cup on Page B4.
  8. You’ve found the message from G!

Get ready for the Secret Mission!


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