Penguin times + Mini Igloo Contest

Penguin Times and mini igloo contest

Hey, Here’s the high lights from today’s New’s Paper

Today we celerbrate 150 issues of the Cp times. ‘Yippee’.

The second additon of ‘History of Club Penguin’ Is out, the might want to mention ‘In August 2007, A big headed company trying to conqlyure the world bought Club Penguin, and yes the ruined it’ guess who i am talking about. This particuar additon of HOCP (history of club penguin) is mostly focused on ‘Rockhopper’ and ‘making friends’.

Finally!!! They’ve gone, phew. The lights were really annoying, and if u stand on the track for 2 mins penguin start shouting at you :( ,

Finally, the upcoming events…

Other News; Penguin Staduim.

The Ice rink has been re-placed by the ’soccer staduim’ for a few weeks.

Click more to see the competiton

Igloo Competiton

Hey here’s a mini competition,

What do you have to do?

You have to design a really good igloo, of any theme. The take a screen shot, and send us the URl of your picture, or send it to Then if it looks good we will post it on the site

here’s my attempt, it’s not too good i know.

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