Penguin Games 08′!

Hey! Sorry I couldn’t post early. Anyway’s there are 2 free items “Red & Blue Face Paint” It last’s threw 22-26. Well, want the free items first? Here we go! If your a red fan go to the Coffee Shop! (Also, I am a Blue Fan)

Just walk over it and it will ask you to take the Red Facepaint! Now, if your a Blue Fan go to the Pizza Parlor!

Just walk over it. Now there are 3 Marathons incase you didn’t see the Badge on the Upper Right side of your screen! There are 3 games. The Marathon, Three Lap Race, and Freestyle Swim! They are easy it’s just this. You go to the start line and a TV screen should say “3,2,1, GO!!”. After you go! You have to get every light and light it up.

That’s the Same for the 3 Lap Race. Here’s a tip, you do not HAVE to go on the Track all you need is the lights. The Pool thing you just go back and fourth 5 times. After you finish all the events, click Claim Prize and you get a medal!

Anyway’s that’s all! Tell me if I missed something! (Also visit for a FREE membership contest)! -Scareynewt42

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