So, i’ve seen in your comments that alot of you want Cheats, not news, not updates, not secrets, but Cheats. So here’s some you might like.

Stand Between Zones

  1. Click some where no. 1 in the first picture is
  2. When your penguin waddles to about no. 2 click on your mail box.
  3. Then browes though your mail for about 5 seconds and close your mail box and you should be there.

Stand in a game zone with out playing (Aimed at new penguins)

  1. Go to the, in this case, Surf Shack.
  2. When it says would you like to play, click no
  3. Then your standing there

Throw Snow-balls really fast!

  1. Press ‘T’ on your key board
  2. Aim
  3. Fire! By clicking your mouse

Do that really fast and you will blitz everyone!


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