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CP Bulletin

Here’s the first of many upcoming CP Bulltins. (all done by Cyborg2190)

First of all, The treasure hunt game will be fixed by friday. and hopefully i will be able to challenge some of you guys in a few games ;) .

Secondly, I was hanging Round with Antras today on CP. and we did a few tests The first test was to see if Antras’ map would work, and i didn’t so he told me to tell you ‘If you do see me on CP i proberly will be stuck in the room i started in because, my slow internet connection stops my map from loading’ So he proberly will be stuck in either the Plaza, Town, Ski Village or the beach. And the second test was to try and Estamblish wether of not ‘Cyborg’ makes it through the filters. It didn’t :( so please call me after my old penguin. ‘Goth’

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