Rockhopper Made Landfall & Paperboat Scavenger Hunt!

Hey Guys! Rockhopper’s back! They came up with new idea’s for the free item! It was a Brown Pirate boots instead of black! It’s cool! Here’s the RH catalog for members and free item look for non members!


So, hope you enjoy! If, you click the Steering Wheel on rockhopper’s catalog you will get Life Ring, like the ones used on the Beacon! Also, it shows the Wall Net, which we used for Mission 8# Mysterious Tremors and also, the Lifeboat he used when his Ship sinked! Anyway’s on the top right hand of your screen there’s a paperboat! Here’s a picture!

Now, to find them! (I did have a tough time finding them XD)

1. Mine Shack

2. Cove

3. Coffee Shop

4. Beach

5. Pool

6. Pet Shop

7. Dock

8. Iceburg

Now, you have collected all the boats! Press Build The Blueprint! Here’s how to build it!

That’s how you finish it! Then, there’s a note!

Rory, I wonder who that is. Anyway’s you get a FREE backround! Non-Members got sooo lucky on this one!

And, that’s the end! Also, I will be getting this website Custom CSS so I can design the place up a little bit! I will not get it a domain or else, the Google Page Rank will get destoryed! Thanks For Supporting This Site Once Again! -Scareynewt42 aka Daniel678

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