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News and My Party Reveiw

Hey, Today there was a new newspaper out, i’ve highlighted the main things

and here’s the top story…

There’s a review on the ‘Music jam if you hover over the fans they all give their opinion on the music jam.

It looks like there’s gonna be a penguin olimpics, or something, there’s proberly gonna be some cool items there too ;)

Another Scavenger hunt, like the Halloween or Easter one? :) They’re always fun!

and the upcoming events…

and when Rockhopper arrives, he will deliver the decorations for fall fair

click more for the party reveiw…

Here’s some of the pics from the party then i’ll write a paragraph on what we did.

Click to inlarge

Ok, we started off at the Dock, we danced there for about 10 minutes, waiting for any late arrivals. Then we went on the the top of the mountian, where we had alot of Sled Races, and we danced there and picked up some more people. It was also an opotiunity for everyone to become buddies, i added everyone!

We then proceded onto the Lodge Attic. Where we hung out and played some find four. I took some pictures of the people i played. I didn’t win many of them, and Kingpin is extreamly good!

Finally, we went to the Ice Burg and i announced that the party was over.

Cyborg2190 ;)

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