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Rockhopper Ready To Make Landfall & New Aqua Grabber Update! :D

Hey Guys! I will be posting on this site to make it back on top of the internet :D ! Anyway’s the Club Penguin Music Jam 08′ Ended and the Penguin Band is gone! The Good thing is that Rockhopper probably will make landfall by Friday! Here is the Great Pirate!

Yay! He probably will make landfall by about, Friday :) . Also the 2nd Newest Game “Aqua Grabber” has gotten faster and awesomer! I made a video on how to beat it! It’s in the Clams Area :) . I made a video and a picture tourtrail!

Aqua Grabber Tourtrail “Clam Waters” Objection: Get The Pearl without waking up the Clam or it will eat you!”

Here is the Picture Tourtrail.

1. Start The Game and Go Down The Lowest Level Of The Down Surface

2. Go To Right Side and Get The Pearl Shaped Rock

3. Go To The Clam without waking it up put the Rock on it then Get the Pearl

4. Go all the way up and put it in the basket and the stage is clear!

That’s a Picture Tourtrail! Now here’s a Video Tourtrail:

(It’s not perfect but almost ;) )

That’s all! Please subscribe to my account! Thanks Guys! -Scareynewt42

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