Tour Guide Ban Issue

Hello Penguins!

Club penguin team got a lot of email from penguins who can’t be tour guides because they have more than one ban. At first, they didn’t want to make any changes, because they don’t want to reward bad penguins by allowing them to be tour guides. But then, one of you gave them the idea of helping bad penguins become good penguins by rewarding them for changing their ways.

So they decided to make a new rule. Starting tomorrow, if your penguin is at least 45 days old and if you have not been banned in the last 30 days, you can become a tour guide. This means that those of you who have been banned will have to be good from now on and after 30 days, you can become a tour guide.
We (paintboy100 & antras) are so happy cause we can finally be tour guides

Club penguin team

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