Secrets agents! You want but you can’t be a agent check this out!

To become a secret agent, wait until your penguin is 30 days old, then click on the ‘M’ in the top right corner of the screen. Then click on the “become a secret agent”. You then have to answer a short quiz, if you have answered all the questions correctly then the next time you log in you will have a spy phone.

Quiz answers!


2.Being mean or rude

3.Report them

4.Saying their address

5.I want to keep Club Penguin Safe

6.I want to help other penguins

1) Find the missing puffles

Mission Guide

1. Go to the ice rink and look all the way to the left, pick up the photos on the ground

2. Give them to Aunt Arctic.
3. Go to the pet shop and read the note all the way to the left on the dog house.

4. Go to the sport shop and answer his question (the answer can be found from step number 3)

5. Use the life preserver launcher to rescue the penguins at the ice berg.

6. Then go back to the sport shop and grab the grapple hook.7. Go to the ski mountain and use your spy phone wrench to fix the telescope. (click on the red light on the spy phone to appeare tools)

8. Use the telescope to look around until you see a flying puffle.

9. Go to the tallest mountain and use the grapple hook to get to the top.

10. After you find the puffles talk to Aunt Arctic and claim your reward.

If you have any questions feel free to ask me!

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